Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Linear Regression Analysis for Interval Valued Data Based on Lasso    M.Sc.    mooshani, mahin    2019-04-23
2    Artificial neural networks and maximum and minimum daily stock price forcasting    M.Sc.    choubineh, fatemeh    2019-04-08
3    Investigating the use of PERSIANN satellite data in improving of downscaling general circulation models in order to predict precipitation in the upcoming periods of Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    nikzat, faezeh    2018-12-29
4    Counting data regression based on the Bell distribution    M.Sc.    pur ebrahim, ghazaleh    2018-12-03
5    Designing the analytical model of pathology of human capitals in Iranian professional football    Ph.D    shajie, kianoosh    2017-12-30
6    Taguchi quality control and some applications    M.Sc.    mashayekhi, seyyede mahsa    2017-08-23
7    Copula-Based Regression Models    M.Sc.    javid nezam dost, atefeh    2017-06-12
9    Determination of suitable areas for cultivation of pistachio by using climatic parameters (Case study: Farahan plain)    M.Sc.    faraji, mohammad reza    2017-03-04
10    The application of linear regression model in survival analysis    M.Sc.    AL SARRAY, RUSUL MOHSIN MOHRAIB    2017-02-20
11    ََAsymptotic behaviour of kernel estimators under dependent samples    Ph.D    kheyri, azam    2017-02-15
12    Some applications of confidence distributions    M.Sc.    Alsudani, firas    2016-12-12
13    Application of Entropy in Finance    M.Sc.    Khodaverdi, Mostafa    2016-11-07
14    Bivariate beta distribution and its properties    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, Fahimeh    2016-10-03
15    A study on influence sunlight's intensity and it's quantity on variations in physiological and morphological characteristics of peppermint (Mentha piperita L)    M.Sc.    morabbayan, majid    2016-02-13
16    Investigation the expectation gap between tax affairs organisation and taxpayers presenting financial statements in tax auditing process    M.Sc.    Mahmoodian moghadam, Afshin    2016-02-07
17    Properties of Leimkuhler curve and its relationship with other inequality    Ph.D    asghari, vahideh    2015-09-16
18    Estimation of dependence parameter in presence of outliers using copula function    Ph.D    Taheri, BibiMaryam    2015-09-15
19    Construction of new copula functions using distortion method    Ph.D    Mohtashami Borzadaran, Hossein Ali    2015-09-14
20    Approximation behavior of density, distribution and hazard functions for dependent random variables under truncation and censoring    Ph.D    Shabani, Amir hossein    2015-07-27
21    Examination the properties of rank-based goodness-of-fit test for copula function    M.Sc.    Erfanian shadkam, Motahareh    2015-04-20
22    The Modeling of Soft Power Implementation throughout Sport Diplomacy    Ph.D    Abdi, Kambiz    2015-03-16
23    Comparison of Systems with Dependent Components    Ph.D    Parsa, Motahareh    2015-01-25
24    Gaussian copula and its applications    M.Sc.    pakzad, Mehraneh    2015-01-12
25    Comparative Study among Income Inequality Indices ‎    Ph.D    mirzaei, shahryar    2015-01-12
26    Baysian predicting observables based on progressively Type II censored data    M.Sc.    samadi, elham    2014-12-10
27    Analysis of depndence structure sibuya copula    M.Sc.    ahmadi, aliyeh    2014-11-26
28    Tests of independence for bivariate distributions using copula function    Ph.D    zargar, Mansoor    2014-01-22
29    equality and goodness of fit tests and density function for copulas    M.Sc.    saharkhiz, fatemeh    2013-12-25
30    Need Assessment For On the job training in accounting : viewpoints of employers & employees    M.Sc.    pourali, mohsen    2013-12-21
31    comparison of semiparametric and parametric methods for estimating copulas    M.Sc.    khorami, somayeh    2013-11-06
32    Symmetric tests based on copula functions    M.Sc.    rostami, ali    2013-11-06
33    Copula functions with discrete and continues margins under the censoring    M.Sc.    ataei, zahra    2013-07-24
34    On study of bivariate censored survival data using copulas    M.Sc.    sanatgar, majid    2013-06-17
35    Effects of ownership change on the Audit Quality Companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    seyfi ghobady, Hossein    2013-05-21
36    Properties of kendall,s distribution function    M.Sc.    shakerhedayat abad, maryam    2013-03-13
37    Spectral graph clustering ,Agglomerative Hierarchical and Non-hierarchical clustering for mathematics education research data    Ph.D    Radmehr, Farzad    2012-07-05
38    Estimation of Dynamic panel data models with both individual and time-specific effects    M.Sc.    mahdavi, sahar    2012-06-06
39    Out-of-samplecomparisonofcopulaspecificationsinmultivariate density forecasts    M.Sc.    velayati, elaheh    2012-06-02
40    Statistical inference of dependence function in Extreme Value Copulas    M.Sc.    zendebad, vajihe    2012-05-19
41    The relationship between various combinations of cash flow components and stock returns    M.Sc.    mohammadi, saeed    2012-05-15
42    Identifying,analyzing and ranking of nonfinancial measures that affect investors decision by using analytic hierarchy process techniques (AHP).    M.Sc.    mehrabankhou, seyedeh tahereh    2012-05-09
43    A Model for students' mathematical problem solving in calculus , algebra1 and analysis1    M.Sc.    daneshamooz, saeed    2012-03-04
44    Experimental study of the impact of institutional ownership and cash flows on dividend policy of the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    pakdel, gholamreza    2011-12-03
45    Examination of the association between annual financial reporting timeliness & corporate governance    M.Sc.    Soleymani, Mojtaba    2011-07-10
46    estimation with unbalanced panel data having covariate measurment error    M.Sc.    mohammadzade, samane    2011-06-22
47    Examination of Archimedean bivariate copula models for some truncated and censored random variables    M.Sc.    boskabady, mostafa    2011-06-22
48    Examination of heterogeneous panel data and using them to analyze the economic data    M.Sc.    norafshan, mozhgan    2011-06-01
49    Panel Data Econometrics    M.Sc.    khoshkam, zahra    2011-05-11
50    An examination of the relationship of delay in announcing annual earnings quarterly forecast with news type and forecast accuracy    M.Sc.    mehrdad, saeed    2011-03-15
51    The relationship between earnings changes and operating cash flow changes with firm value changes in corporation life cycle model    M.Sc.    sorayyakeshtiban, mehdi    2011-03-01
52    Statistical inference for Tail Dependence measures and Some Applications    M.Sc.    Ghasem Nejad Farsangi, Mahla    2010-11-23
53    Testing normality in the presence of outliers    M.Sc.    saber jabdarag, hossein    2010-06-10